About Us

About Us

What is it?

THERE are not many fashion trends that have survived for over eighty years- and are more popular now than the day they were conceived.
But that is exactly what happened when in 1926 Vogue published a picture of Coco Chanel's latest creation.
As the embodiment of elegance and achievable style, suitable for every woman regardless of her age, shape and size, it was a masterstroke.
Chanel and Vogue may not have guessed it at the time, but the long running fashion phenomenon that is the Little Black Dress had been born.
Remarkably, the concept has not only survived, but thrived through generations of women and a world that has changed beyond all recognition since those far off days of the Roaring Twenties.

What we do...

The secret of the LBD's success and longevity is simple: it filled a need then and it fills the same need now. There have been few women in the last eight decades who have not experienced the feeling and benefited from the timeless elegance that a LBD can give to any occasion.
Award winning businesswoman Maria Parasade has over 25 years industry experience in both design and manufacture. As Creative Director of The Little Black Dress, she has carefully selected an experienced team whose combined  talent and creativity is taking the LBD to an even higher plane, all for your benefit.
They can now offer every woman the benefit of their considerable experience and skills to give them their ultimate LBD.
Working with fabrics of the highest quality, each unique design is made- to- measure and hand crafted.
Each dress is a one- off- as individual as the woman who wears it.
Isn't it time you treated yourself to the ultimate LBD experience? You deserve it!

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